About us

It is very important to have the right guidance to move ahead in any field, we understand this connection between student and mentor very well. We provide you the expert faculty support in the required field, our all the faculties are very well familiar with the advancements and techniques. Students taught by expert faculty have a better understanding and consideration of concepts and they are able to think more coherently and meticulously. The rudimentary quality of an expert faculty is the capability to have a positive impact on students’ results, they always strive to make them learn things in diversified ways whether it is in-house or online. Our faculties monitor and examine all the candidates individually and then start to work on them accordingly by taking action and providing feedback which makes our candidates more flexible, confident and improvisational with the course. Most of the places while taking the online lectures or doing practical, faculties will make you think, think, will make you do errors at some points, because that is the real meaning of learning, this way student comes out with new concepts, our experts handle all the errors, mistakes and questions very smartly and precisely, that is why the learning becomes easier because all the complicated topics get cleared by taking an easiest example which is called a true art of learning. Our experts are our pride. Like other institutions, your association with your faculty does not end as soon as the course is over. On the other way round, we give you lifetime support from our expert faculties, you can directly connect with our experts anytime from anywhere.

We have courses like as Anatomy & Physiology of skin & hair | Acne | Advanced Botulinum Toxin | Chemical peels | Skin Conditioning | Facial peels | Skin | Mesotherapy | Hair | Laser 1 | Laser 2 | Botulinum Toxin | Dermal Fillers | Advanced Dermal Fillers | PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) | Other minor cosmetic procedure | Nail surgery | Radiofrequency | Stretch marks | Demonstration of derma surgical procedure | Hair removal | Trichology science | Scalp problems | Hair fiber disorder | Hair loss